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Music Bingo is great for parties, corporate events, or weekly shows at bars and restaurants.

Shows can offer jackpots, prizes, and family-friendly entertainment.

Each player receives their own bingo card (digital or paper) which contains 25 songs on it. Each category contains 75 songs. Songs are played anywhere between 30 - 45 seconds with the host announcing the name of the song. It's the job of the player to see if they have the song on their card.

We have over 300 categories that provide high-energy and amazing audience participation.

Patrons become repeat customers and they bring their friends!

Call us today at (502) 779-0668 or email to check on availability. Weekly shows start at $200.

We also offer a Music Bingo subscription service! If you're wishing to host your own private event, we provide you with the audio file and the cards (physically or digitally). Inquire today by emailing to check on pricing!

Join JD Entertainment at the following locations:

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Music Bingo
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