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Silent Disco

Create an experience you won't forget by adding Silent Disco to your event!

Whether you're planning an event for 50 to 200, silent disco headphones are a great way to

engage with your guests in any environment - inside or outside - without disturbing others.

Our headphones are rented in quantities of 25 to accommodate each event's specific needs!

Guests can toggle through multiple music mixes on our 3-channel silent disco headphones. Channels can be connected to most devices, including your phone, computer, smart device,

or a full, multi-DJ setup. Separate channels are identified by the LEDs displayed on the

wireless headphones.

Our high-quality, noice canceling headphones send clear audio up to 300 yards away. With

personal volume and sound control, everyone can enjoy the event without concern for noise pollution or sound ordinances.

Glow up your next event with the best silent disco headsets in town. Each LED headset includes built-in LEDs that change based on the channel selected.


Packages designed for any need and any budget.


Gold Silent Disco Package

Starting at $700

Package Includes:

200 Headphones

3 Transmitters

This package is perfect for weddings, corporate events, and more!

Silver Silent Disco Package

Starting at $400

Package includes:

100 Headphones

3 Transmitters

This package is perfect for small corporate gatherings, networking events, and more!

Bronze Silent Disco Package

Starting at $200

Package includes:

50 Headphones

3 Transmitters

This package is perfect for birthday parties, home parties, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a silent disco?

It's a blast to experience and watch, has better sound quality than just blasting speakers, and your guests can have up to three (3) music choices.

What do I need for a silent disco?

To host a successful silent disco, you'll need a few things:

- Silent disco headphones for each of your guests

- Silent disco transmitter - you'll need at least one of these. We include three with our rentals for up to three different music channels.

- Music from any music player with a headphone jack, or you can have up to three (3) DJs battle live.

Why do your headphones offer a better silent disco experience?

Our premium, lightweight RF headphones offer superior sound quality and features. The synced LEDs show your channel and batteries offer 8-10 hours of non-stop fun.

What is the wireless range of the headphone's silent disco RF transmitter?

Your playlist can be broadcasted at a radius of up to 300 yards from the wireless transmitter.

How long do the headphone batteries last?

Batteries last from 8-10 hours on a single charge.

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