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Trivia is great for parties, corporate events, or weekly shows at bars and restaurants.

Shows can offer prizes for the top three teams and family-friendly entertainment.

There can be a fine line between having trivia questions that are too easy and boring, or too difficult and frustrating. This is eliminated when you use JD Entertainment because we strike the perfect balance. No matter what the expertise level of your players is, our trivia night entertainment ensure your guests will be entertained and challenged.

We offer Trivia and Family Feud style trivia nights.


Trivia Nights consist of 7 categories of 10 questions each. Categories can include general knowledge, sports, history, arts and literature, and many, MANY more.


Family Feud style trivia consists of 4 rounds with 10 questions each. The goal of the team is to guess the top 3 answers to each question.

Patrons become repeat customers and they bring their friends!

Call us today at (502) 779-0668 or email to check on availability. Weekly shows start at $200.

Join JD Entertainment at the following locations:

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